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08 January 2010

Last year I wrote a really, REALLY excellent paper for my senior English class. I\’m talking a once-in-a-lifetime A+ paper. However, after buying a new laptop for college, the flash drive I bought to transfer my files snapped in two…with all my info on it…AFTER I had sold my old laptop. All my pics and old files, including my golden English paper, GONE.

But it gets worse: This semester for my freshman English class, I needed to write a 30 page paper on a topic of my choosing for extra credit. All I would have had to do was add a few more pages on my already-written paper, and I would have probably gotten an A. As it was, I had to re-write the paper from memory, and I\’m anticipating a B+ at best. If only I had known that Norton could save my bacon…


23 December 2009

I had an external hard drive and kept all my music on it and pictures, im a photographer so my pictures are important. i had some online but not most of them. every xmas eve we have all our relatives from out of town come over and have a huge dinner. well needless to say my relatives are big eaters and after dinner one by one they files into the bathroom and emptied there tanks. later that night we had a terrible clog in the basement where i keep my computer and external hard drive and lets just say the hard drive got the worst of it and was rendered useless. needless to say i wish i had norton online backup because i lost my pictures and about 10 gigs of music.